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throbbing:    धमक फटफटाहट
pain:    यंत्रणा प्रसव
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  1. The throbbing pain usually begins on one side of the head.
  2. No . Can't smell, nasal congestion, throbbing pain above or below the eyes?
  3. Brisby has experienced cold spells as well as throbbing pain.
  4. Symptoms of BlackBerry thumb include aching and throbbing pain in the thumb and wrist.
  5. Bagwell was blessed with good health until 2001, when he played through throbbing pain in his left shoulder.
  6. In migraines, however, the pain is thought to come from blood vessels that dilate, causing the throbbing pain.
  7. Then serotonin levels plummet; that makes the blood vessels dilate quickly, which causes the intense, throbbing pain of a migraine.
  8. The commercials for Deep Heet always showed a throbbing pain being swabbed down with what looked a lot like shoe polish.
  9. It was extremely painful as her feet began to grow, and it was often difficult to sleep with the throbbing pain.
  10. I told him it will probably hurt for a while, that mine was a constant throbbing pain, and he should expect some pain.
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