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  1. But soon the two piston engines start to pound and sing throatily.
  2. Mary Matalin throatily demurred on her radio show.
  3. He was the first to throatily decry the nomination of Dr . Henry Foster for surgeon general.
  4. Heather Phares opined that " Danilova's throatily majestic voice " is " as unmistakable as ever.
  5. The whole thing builds to a massive chorus before ending abruptly with Jim Bob throatily yelling  & die . "
  6. "Hurry, honey, " my wife will say throatily as I begin pulling out the bills and junk mail.
  7. Too bad I broke an antique chair by leaning back and laughing throatily at one of the guest's tales of high school.
  8. The track includes lead-in studio chatter, with Brown throatily ( and presciently ) shouting " This is a hit ! " just before the drum and horn intro.
  9. "I was horrified to learn that they plan to build casinos, restaurants and private clubs, " he said throatily, " in the very spot where my ancestor Grigory A . Tchertkoff built his library ."
  10. Throatily cheered by the Democrats, the president moved across the House floor as if he indeed believed that the trial to remove him from office was, at its heart, another initiative-rich political campaign to be won _ his third and ultimate test to be president.
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