throe meaning in Hindi

throe sentence in Hindi
• यंत्रणा
• अत्यन्त पीड़ा या कष्ट
• प्रसव वेदना

• प्रसववेदना
• वेदना
• अत्यन्त पीड़ा या कष्ट में होना
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  1. But the fashion industry is in the throes of enshrining her.
  2. What I found was a country in the throes of disintegration.
  3. Surfers in the throes of inner questioning could have asked it.
  4. Cigarette smoking is in the throes of a reverse chic revival.
  5. In March, 1975, the country began its death throes.
  6. The gold industry is in the throes of a major consolidation.
  7. How has such a lethal gene survived the throes of evolution?
  8. The dinner party at Chez Whatevah is in its death throes.
  9. China, too, is in the throes of falling prices.
  10. Jordan is in the throes of a new and promising era,
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  1. severe spasm of pain; "the throes of dying"; "the throes of childbirth"
  2. hard or painful trouble or struggle; "a country in the throes of economic collapse"

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