throaty meaning in Hindi

[ 'θrəuti ] sound:
throaty sentence in Hindi

• कंठ्य
• फटा
• भारी
• भर्राया
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  1. Barry McGuire's throaty warning that the end was near.
  2. It swelled into a throaty roar making the roadside pansies tremble.
  3. Throaty utterings audible at close range may introduce the next phrase.
  4. Biggest crowd _ a throaty 20, 353 _ since 1990.
  5. The Cup car is a throaty, V-8 sound.
  6. There's a dome crowd more throaty than its own.
  7. "That's what gave it that throaty sound.
  8. Crowe says in his throaty Australian baritone during a phone interview.
  9. One has a soft, throaty voice that sets her apart.
  10. She is distinguished by her rich, throaty voice on stage.
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  1. sounding as if pronounced low in the throat; "a rich throaty voice"

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