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• स्फूर्त
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  1. Throbbed, unabated, through the furthest reaches of their being.
  2. A mass of some 20, 000 partiers bobbed and throbbed.
  3. In happier times, Old Basra throbbed with color and life.
  4. The pressure around her eyes and ears throbbed all day.
  5. The house on Mistletoe Boulevard in south Fort Worth throbbed with life.
  6. One by one they came on, as hearts and loudspeakers throbbed.
  7. "It just throbbed and throbbed, " she said.
  8. "It just throbbed and throbbed, " she said.
  9. Websites that bloomed even before its release throbbed with life.
  10. The giant bruise onhis chest throbbed for a week afterward.
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