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  1. And dialogue bristling with manful military authority : " Let's not waste any more time.
  2. The Archbishop was accused of fusing ethnic stereotypes and English, but manful Greeks, we are Orthodox Christians ".
  3. He is the first to admit it, more manful in his post-game discourse than he was against the Bulls.
  4. In 2008, Bobby and Mark Knox of Clanton Alabama laid claim to the speedway when they purchased it in an auction from Manful.
  5. Every time Alan tries a manful stride into the jungle of sex, his two left feet turn the attempt into a trip-and-stumble.
  6. As for Pitt, who is endlessly watchable _ though that isn't news _ he does a manful job with the Belfast accent the role requires.
  7. But instead of making a private phone call to explain away his political operation's criticisms, wouldn't it be more manful of Romney to publicly disavow the letters that went out over his signature?
  8. William Goldman's screenplay stirs up plenty of excitement on that front and also sets up a manful camaraderie between a legendary hunter ( Michael Douglas ) and the officer ( Val Kilmer ) running the rail project.
  9. The story can then narrow its focus to the manful camaraderie of Remington ( Michael Douglas ), a legendary hunter, and Lt . Col John Patterson ( Val Kilmer ), who leads the British team racing other nations to complete the first railroad across the continent.
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