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  1. A horse is faster and even more maneuverable than a chariot.
  2. Though large, the Avalanche is surprisingly maneuverable and unexpectedly quiet.
  3. The more stable the helicopter, the less maneuverable it is.
  4. With the more maneuverable scooter, he gets through traffic faster.
  5. This feature is the main reason pump jets are so maneuverable.
  6. F-14 was not designed to be maneuverable and 2.
  7. It is, however, much more maneuverable than a Skimmer.
  8. In 1887, Eddy heard of Woodbridge Davis'maneuverable kites.
  9. They were not very maneuverable and had a large turning radius.
  10. The new generation of parachute is faster and more maneuverable.
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