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  1. Most likely a link to steering rod manipulation during the maneuvre.
  2. It would definitely have a hard time trying to maneuvre.
  3. So far the maneuvre was brilliant and resembled one of Napoleon's lightning-like strokes.
  4. The final sprint was won by �scar Freire ( ), after an impressive maneuvre by Robbie McEwen ( ).
  5. A divided line is then overwhelmed by the superior numbers of the opposing line, who maneuvre and surround stragglers.
  6. Unlike many other of the battles of the civil war, this was more a campaign of maneuvre than actual fighting.
  7. The idea is for the wearer to use his real left arm ( hidden underneath the clothes ) to maneuvre the camera.
  8. To help move and maneuvre the huge ship, it was pushed from the rear during the battle by two other galleys.
  9. He established abdominal obstetric palpation methods, and his name is associated with " Pinard's maneuvre ", a technique used in breech extraction.
  10. Charles XII's strategy was to rout the Saxe-Polish forces in an'envelope'maneuvre and re-position his forces to strengthen his flanks.
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