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  1. Ozawa developed into a master behind-the-scenes maneuverer.
  2. Since then, the opposition coalition has collapsed, and Milosevic, the consummate maneuverer, has triumphed.
  3. Ramon, 45, considered a consummate political maneuverer, has street smarts, television charisma and enormous ambition.
  4. Aimed at Yeltsin, a deft maneuverer of the old school of Communist politics, the gibe is tempting.
  5. Iliescu, always a shrewd maneuverer, appeared in summer to recognize that he may need to work with the opposition.
  6. Subsequent biographies portrayed her as a skilled political maneuverer who had torrid affairs with other Israeli leaders after her own marriage collapsed in the 1930s.
  7. Rumpled, hard of hearing, but a pre-eminent maneuverer in the city's back channels, the district attorney did not have Klein's money.
  8. This move was directed at the World's maneuverer 16 . . . Ra5, which could now be met by 17 . Nb5 !, paralyzing the Black queenside.
  9. For three decades, Arafat was essentially an agitator and master maneuverer who survived by skillfully weaving his way around the deadly in-fighting among the various factions comprising the PLO.
  10. Although Ford is as much a political novice as Towns is an experienced political maneuverer, his insurgent candidacy is nonetheless receiving a great deal of attention among Brooklyn politicians and analysts.
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