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  1. Among them, Glendale Fire Department volunteered first, Mangan said.
  2. Keith Mangan, 33, of Middlesbrough, England, said:
  3. Mangan concluded the news conference with a message to the hostages.
  4. The commercials started to appear Feb . 21, Mangan said.
  5. Mangan plays one of the grooms, a professional tennis player.
  6. Local president Joseph Mangan, 89, was unavailable for comment Wednesday.
  7. It comes down to making information available across jurisdictions, Mangan said.
  8. Mangan and Mosely addressed a news conference in New Delhi.
  9. Khadem said he was unaware of any fighting in Atashan or Mangan.
  10. She was joined on the series by Alison Steadman and Stephen Mangan.
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