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  1. As a result, her friends often playfully tease her for being straightlaced.
  2. "Hey, no cheering in the pressbox ! " said a straightlaced American reporter.
  3. Olga commented, " [ Princess Irene ] was one of the most straightlaced women in her generation.
  4. Mr . Kirby reveals himself to be a very straightlaced fat-cat, who raises orchids as a hobby.
  5. Tom's straightlaced older brother Mike ( Donald Cook ) tries, but fails, to talk Tom into giving up crime.
  6. A straightlaced, blue-blazered, gravel-voiced sportscaster whose enthusiastic play-calling is supposed to augment but never overshadow the showcase product.
  7. You can play straightlaced and try to be upright and protect your reputation with minor clients, but you can't do it with the big guys.
  8. The straightlaced tweed and hair rollers " granny chic " style of Sixties Britain, much of the look was derived from early episodes of " Coronation Street ".
  9. The plot follows Captain Pantale�n Pantoja, a straightlaced army captain put in charge of creating a brothel for the army, in order to reduce the incidence of rape surrounding army bases and outposts.
  10. _" Brother's Keeper " : A high-spirited pro football player has to live with " a responsible party " _ his straightlaced, English-prof brother.
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