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  1. Badruddin had a straightness of vision which enabled him to discriminate between those which were the key factors of the case and those which were marginal or irrelevant .
    बदरूद्दीन की दृषऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-टि इतनी सऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-पषऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-ट थी कि वह किसी मामलेके मुखऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-य और सीमांत अथवा अप्रासंगिक कारकों के बीच भेद कर सकतें थे .
  2. however several straight penis is towards upper side,but in general it can be on any side (upper,lower,left or right) and its suspensery ligament which is penis straightness depends on it.
    हालांकि कई स्तंभित (तने हुये) शिश्न की दिशा ऊपर की ओर होती है पर एक सामान्य शिश्न किसी भी दिशा मे स्तंभित (उपर नीचे दायं या बायं)हो सकता है और यह इसके सस्पेन्सरी लिगामेंट (लटकानेवाला बंधन) जो शिश्न को इसकी स्थिति मे रखते है के तनाव पर निर्भर करता है।


  1. a sexual attraction to (or sexual relations with) persons of the opposite sex
  2. having honest intentions; "he acted in good faith"; "doubt was expressed as to the good faith of the immigrants"
  3. trueness of course toward a goal; "rivaling a hawk in directness of aim"
  4. freedom from crooks or curves or bends or angles
  5. (of hair) lack of a tendency to curl

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