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• शेरवन जन
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  1. Khaqani tells about the invasion of Shirvan in 1173 or 1174.
  2. Surkhay-khan I decided to support the sunnis of Shirvan.
  3. Khasta Gasim permanently settled in Shamakhi and thereafter holds in Shirvan.
  4. The Ottoman army was routed Ganja, Shirvan and Shamakhi in Azerbaijan.
  5. Throughout its history, Shirvan changed its names few times.
  6. Furthermore, Qara-Yusuf had also caused great destruction in Shirvan.
  7. By early 1806 Shirvan and the Caspian coast were taken.
  8. Accordingly Turkey was transferring to Persia several provinces including Shirvan.
  9. During 1743-1745 Muhammad-khan resided in Shirvan.
  10. Muhammad Said khan and Aghasi khan started diarchy in Shirvan.
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