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  1. His teaching has been described by Ofsted as'cocking shite '.
  2. Ai Shite Knight portrays the Japanese rock music scene of the early 1980s.
  3. And the shite that happened to my family  not in my family.
  4. Or to put it another way, this track is undercooked juvenile shite ."
  5. Anyone really surprised that I criticize shite here?
  6. After shite inspections and financial checks the school secured a site on Dalmaji Hill.
  7. OP linked to the infamously shite Excellence in Research for Australia ranked journals list.
  8. Well, what a lot of shite.
  9. Shite's Unoriginal Miscellany, by A . Parody ( Michael O'Mara Books)
  10. Eats, Shites and Leaves, by A . Parody ( M . O'Mara)
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  1. obscene terms for feces
    synonyms:, , , ,

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