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  1. An unrepentant Dukakis fired back an equally shirty letter.
  2. Shirty actually played in the Railway Cup for Leinster around 1937, playing against Munster in Portlaoise.
  3. That some people who should know better used it as an excuse to get shirty about Bush is ridiculous.
  4. Captain Bristlepunkt and the Purple Shirties are an amalgam of the Nazi brown shirts and the Italian fascist black shirts.
  5. Full back Jack Sexton represented Kildare at Senior Level in 1936-37 as did goalkeeper John ( Shirty ) Sexton around this time.
  6. The spelling will eventually get corrected; life's too short to get shirty about this sort of thing .-- ( talk)
  7. That would explain why the people there get shirty if you include the " the " . 1 11 : 15, 2 January 2006 ( UTC)
  8. GETTING SHIRTY : James Blake, who has worn sleeveless shirts during the first three rounds of the tournament, says he expects the look to become pretty common.
  9. "righto, " and " shirty " pepper Keegan's sentences, and a languorous " terribly " is his adverb of choice.
  10. I removed it and they got very shirty with me on my talk page, accusing me of being personally motivated and saying they'd take it up with the'appropriate persons '.
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  1. (British informal) ill-tempered or annoyed

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