shirttail meaning in Hindi

[ 'ʃɜ:tteil ] sound:
shirttail sentence in Hindi
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  1. I could have seized you by the shirttails, by surprise.
  2. Don't get your shirttail out over it ."
  3. Wells responded by angrily snatching his shirttails out of his uniform.
  4. Don't mistake them for a belted shirttail look.
  5. Eds : Corrects columnist's mailing address in shirttail.
  6. You got through Thanksgiving still talking to most of your shirttail relatives.
  7. On the shirttail is embroidered the number 36, in faded orange thread.
  8. His shirttail hangs out from under a cheap suit.
  9. We did not ride on the shirttail of anybody,
  10. Males are tucking in their shirttails and donning _ gasp _ sports coats.
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  1. fabric forming the tail of a shirt
  2. a brief addendum at the end of a newspaper article

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