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  1. They wore shirtwaists or shirts often with tailored coats and boaters.
  2. Site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Co . fire of 1911.
  3. Those same prints in shirtwaist dresses are another feminine alternative.
  4. I am doing a research project on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.
  5. The shirtwaist was gone, replaced by " Lambada Barbie !"
  6. The navy blue shirtwaists are perfect for a nanny on her day off.
  7. Triangle Shirtwaist became a synonym for " sweatshop " during the following year.
  8. Different embroidery were added to the shirtwaist, like rhinestones and different patterns.
  9. "I Love Lucy " shirtwaist dresses
  10. What makes the difference between a Triangle Shirtwaist fire and a Bangladeshi sweatshop fire?
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