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  1. Try to clean up all sources of food for the little blighters.
  2. The blighter war was instigated by him to destroy the other races.
  3. The little blighters can then be removed with tweezers as they appear.
  4. I'm nominating the blighter to get him out of my hair.
  5. Darned if her knight in shining armor isn't really a blighter from the streets.
  6. There became an outcry to close some forest roads and keep these blighters confined to controlled areas.
  7. Jacob is then contacted by Maxwell Roth, the leader of the Templar-controlled gang, the Blighters.
  8. It was a very persistent little blighter, and took me several minutes of scraping and peeling to get off.
  9. Blighter B202 Mk 2 can operate off small batteries, unlike others in its class which are really vehicle bounded.
  10. These little blighters could consume the entire planet in a matter of weeks, including all the organic material on it!
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