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  1. Warner soon become one of Bligh's key political mentors.
  2. On 25 January, Bligh announced an election for 24 March.
  3. Bligh strikes Christian when he ignores his second order to stop.
  4. Governor William Bligh disregarded the first trial acquittal of Michael Dwyer.
  5. Bligh was exchanged shortly after the action and returned to Britain.
  6. Bligh would later name Mount Nelson, Tasmania in his honor.
  7. DS4SEQ called for Bligh and her government to reconsider their position.
  8. Seated to the right of Bligh is Assistant Surgeon Neil Smith.
  9. Bligh named it Banks Island in honour of Sir Joseph Banks.
  10. York violently removes Bligh from the Pulpit and savagely beats him.
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