sprung meaning in Hindi

[ sprʌŋ ] sound:
sprung sentence in Hindi
• कूदा
• कमानीदार
• उछला
• स्प्रिंगदार
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  1. Similar private militias have sprung up in at least 13 states.
  2. Fiefs have sprung up in hidden crannies of the United Nations.
  3. Hundreds of new bands have sprung up since the war started,
  4. Sprung practiced general law from 1929 until he retired last year.
  5. More than 300 of these railroads have sprung up since 1980.
  6. An entire cottage industry has sprung up around the deceased artist.
  7. A memorial to the girls has sprung up in his yard.
  8. Home pages dedicated to Selena have sprung up on the Internet.
  9. Generally, they're sprung in less than a year.
  10. Should we have sprung for the expense of a Galapagos trip?
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