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  1. Marabastad was named after the local headman of a village to the west of Steenhoven Spruit.
  2. It then flows past Olifantsfontein and meets the Sesmyl Spruit which flows out of the Rietvlei Dam.
  3. "' Rocky Spruit "'is a village in the province of Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe.
  4. His lawyer, Quiryn Spruit, said the panel is biased because it denied him amnesty in a separate case.
  5. According to Mieke Spruit-Ledeboer ( 1985 ) makes Quist " functional ceramics in porcelain with a special nobility ".
  6. Bishop Twells of Bloemfontein purchased the farms Modderpoort and Modderpoort Spruit in 1865 as a base for missionary work in the area.
  7. The main natural feature of Craighall is the cascading rocky waterfall on the Braamfontein Spruit at the north-west corner of the suburb.
  8. Four further awards were granted to Q Battery, Royal Horse Artillery at Korn Spruit on 31 March 1900 during the Second Boer War.
  9. The reserve has a number of hikes and trails, archaeological sites with the " Bloubos spruit " flowing through the area.
  10. The Jukskei River is joined by numerous streams along its course with its major tributaries being the Modderfontein Spruit, Braamfontein Spruit and Klein Jukskei River.
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