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• खुरपा
• खुरपी
• आलू
• खोदना
• अंकुरित होना
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  1. The spudding of the first exploration well started in October 2014.
  2. Drilling an oil or gas well within a developed field for which an approved land use plan or any environmental document prepared pursuant to NEPA analyzed such drilling as a reasonably foreseeable activity, so long as such plan or document was approved within five ( 5 ) years prior to the date of spudding the well
  3. Specifically designed to raise and lower a bit into the bore hole, the " spudding " of the drill causes the bit to be raised and dropped onto the bottom of the hole, and the design of the cable causes the bit to twist at approximately revolution per drop, thereby creating a drilling action.
  4. That year also saw the spudding of well Yates 30-A, which blew out with the spectacular flow of per hour, and over 200, 000 in a day, setting the world record; even the Lakeview Gusher at the State of Texas Railroad Commission  the entity that oversees petroleum production  required a proration of the field for the first time in Texas history.

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