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  1. Duffy and his shipmates dived into the sea and rescued them.
  2. Five passengers swam to shore and escaped as 10 shipmates drowned.
  3. Shipmates and sidekicks were stand-ins for the 12 apostles.
  4. Hopes rose briefly when his shipmates spotted some intact seat cushions.
  5. "To a good shipmate, " it said.
  6. All except one of Kerry's shipmates support his candidacy.
  7. In a gesture to his shipmates, Maturin buys new clothes.
  8. Accepting her fate, Jacky embraces her shipmates before stepping off.
  9. It is designated for exclusive use by shipmates of specific voyages.
  10. But it was nice to have a place to take your shipmates.
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  1. an associate on the same ship with you

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