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  1. Exporting the vessels for shipbreaking or dismantling are alternatives to reserve fleets.
  2. Thus, there is still employment for residents of Orange County in shipbreaking.
  3. In 1981 she was rebuilt as a shipbreaking industry.
  4. The world's largest shipbreaking yard is in Gujarat near Bhavnagar at Alang.
  5. On 17 December 1957 she was purchased for scrap by Shipbreaking Industries, Faslane.
  6. On 4 June 1920, she was sold to Stanlee Shipbreaking Company of Dover.
  7. Inverkeithing is famous for its shipbreaking at ( Thos W Ward )'s yard.
  8. She is the author of one book of poetry, " Shipbreaking ".
  9. The highest-risk jobs are in agriculture, mining, construction, fishing and shipbreaking.
  10. Under the supervision of Rizwana Hasan, BELA started its war against the shipbreaking industry in Bangladesh.
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