shipments meaning in Hindi

shipments sentence in Hindi
• नौभार
• नौवहन
• लदाई
• जहाज की लदाई या भराई
• जहाज में लादी हुई वस्तु
• पोत लदान
• थोक
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  1. Only 15 percent of Burlington Northern's shipments are intermodal.
  2. The first 30-ton shipment was flown in this month.
  3. In addition, Sarajevo would become entirely dependent on air shipments.
  4. The company estimates that 1994 shipments will hit a new high.
  5. Longview Fibre received a second shipment for testing in late 1993.
  6. I need to know how to fill out the shipment slip.
  7. Overland truck shipments of food have been reduced by a third.
  8. Shipments were up 37 percent on the same quarter last year.
  9. Shipments were up 37 percent from the first quarter of 1994.
  10. Coca-Cola Foods's volume shipments fell 3 percent.
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