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  1. Yes, lovable old robin redbreasts, in their thousands.
  2. It reminded me of someone trying to be Robin Redbreast.
  3. Most anglers use light spinning tackle to catch redbreast sunfish.
  4. This whiskey was produced using using distillate sourced from the Robin Redbreast.
  5. As a result, production of Redbreast whiskey moved from Dublin to Cork.
  6. Redbreast sunfish mainly consume immature aquatic insects.
  7. The redbreast population has suffered greatly; it has been the flathead's favorite meal.
  8. Before this word was introduced to the English-speaking world, " robin redbreast.
  9. Various species of fish, including redbreast sunfish, eels, and trout, inhabit it.
  10. The nickname is a reference to the former name of the European robin  " redbreast ".
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