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  1. PL leaders accused the Panthers and SDS leadership of redbaiting.
  2. Redbaiting is the Bush strategy on health care.
  3. They are forcing Chancellor Helmut Kohl into redbaiting and threatening to sideswipe his reelection bid.
  4. Today, we call that redbaiting.
  5. In May 1938, the redbaiting.
  6. Liberal publications shot back, charging conservatives with redbaiting and with threatening academic freedom and free expression.
  7. Though liberals have long flourished in Hollywood, despite the redbaiting of the blacklist era, so have conservatives.
  8. He does not forget the uncertain response of the paper's management to the McCarthyite redbaiting of Times employees.
  9. It was Block who coined the word " McCarthyism " to describe the redbaiting tactics used by Sen . Joseph McCarthy.
  10. It sounds like America of the 1950s, but it's Korea today _ talk of communist sympathizers, redbaiting, destroyed careers.
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