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  1. He is the editor, redactor and creator of the stump.
  2. El redactor could be a sockpuppet or he might not be.
  3. Nicolae Lupan was the first chief redactor of TeleRadio-Moldova.
  4. He worked as a redactor in the " Rilindja " journal.
  5. What wiki guidelines or other reasons did the redactor give?
  6. What should i do so the redactor does not do such replace.
  7. Vinogradova was a compiler and redactor of 15 collected books for children choirs
  8. He suggests that Vishnugupta was a redactor of the original work of Kaumilya.
  9. She joined FR3 and became head redactor of the political and economical service.
  10. Funes afterwards directed the congressional journal, " El Redactor ".
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