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  1. Colin Wright is the translator and redactor of the two forthcoming English editions.
  2. Perhaps this implies the influence of different later redactors?
  3. The elaborate system of multiple redactors used by current documentarians is unnecessary . 
  4. The redactors, he claimed, were not merely curators : they were creators.
  5. Some think this proximity of the stories results from the work of a redactor.
  6. He was the leading redactor and commentator of the 1939 code of civil procedure.
  7. El redactor is an obvious sock of Tecmobowl.
  8. El redactor is being hung out to dry and most likely doesn't.
  9. The Redactor is also theorized to have made other editorial changes to the gospel.
  10. He contributed to " El Redactor General " newspaper giving his opinions.
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