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  1. It is a common misconception persimmon fruit needs frost to ripen and soften, called bletting.
  2. Pears store ( and ship ) well in their mature but unripe state if kept cold, and can be ripened later, a process called bletting.
  3. More often the fruit is used for making jelly . " Ideally, the fruit should be harvested from the tree immediately following a hard frost, which starts the bletting process by breaking down cell walls and speeding softening.
  4. In Shakespeare's " Measure for Measure ", he alluded to bletting when he wrote ( IV . iii . 167 ) " They would have married me to the rotten Medler . " Thomas Dekker also draws a saucy comparison in his play The Honest Whore : " I scarce know her, for the beauty of her cheek hath, like the moon, suffered strange eclipses since I beheld it : women are like medlars  no sooner ripe but rotten . " Elsewhere in literature, D . H . Lawrence dubbed medlars " wineskins of brown morbidity ."

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