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  1. Such a ploy would generate discussion here about readmitting the Nationalist government.
  2. Consob didn't provide a reason for readmitting Gemina.
  3. Iraq offered earlier this week to reopen talks on readmitting weapons inspectors.
  4. Around 1887, Baylor University began readmitting women and became coeducational again.
  5. But what about readmitting them to active ministry again after therapy and repentance?
  6. Schools have started readmitting girls, and some women have started working again.
  7. She said Sweden remains opposed to readmitting Iceland.
  8. Readmitting a child who has missed school for some time is a long and arduous task.
  9. As indicated in the writings of Saint Cyprian, others favoured readmitting the " lapsi " easily.
  10. The board overrules him and drops the plagiarism charges, readmitting Jamal's entry to the competition.

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