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  1. He was readmitted Monday after tests showed he was still bleeding.
  2. He has been readmitted with " severe restrictions ."
  3. Odighizuwa had flunked out and then was readmitted a year before.
  4. Alabama was readmitted to the Union on July 14, 1868.
  5. Arkansas was readmitted to the Union on June 22, 1868.
  6. He was readmitted four months later after suffering a nervous breakdown.
  7. He was readmitted a Privy Counsellor, on 5 August 1675.
  8. On April 1, he changed his mind and readmitted the evidence.
  9. She was readmitted to the hospital about two weeks later.
  10. So she readmitted herself to have her second breast removed.

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