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  1. He applied for readmittance in 1988 and was cleared in 1991.
  2. Edelsten has sought readmittance as a medical practitioner in New South Wales.
  3. His lawyers indicated in an agreement letter that he would seek readmittance after the exclusion expires.
  4. Richard Shepherd told a news conference that the government had offered " unconditional readmittance ."
  5. The agreement for the readmittance of aliens, was signed on 14 July 1952, in Stockholm.
  6. Wilson requested readmittance to the Liberal caucus in July 2008 but was not allowed to rejoin the party.
  7. Soon after Wonder Woman's readmittance to the JLA, DC Comics ushered in another format change.
  8. The OSCE meeting will not decide on the readmittance of Yugoslavia, now consisting only of Serbia and Montenegro, which was
  9. In 1965, he applied for readmittance to the SNP, but this was rejected by the party's National Executive.
  10. McLeod was careful not to give England too much hope that more talks would lead to England's readmittance to the championship.

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