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  1. 1991-The International Olympic Committee readmits South Africa after three decades.
  2. We must require Iraq to readmit inspectors with unfettered access.
  3. Protector Shraplen has so far refused to readmit the Federated Suns ambassador.
  4. He expressed especial frustration that Lowell would not readmit Day.
  5. Guglielma still refused to readmit her husband to her court.
  6. Albanian students still doubted the university's Serb administrators would readmit them.
  7. Efforts to readmit Taiwan, he said, " will fail ."
  8. Hamilton was compelled by Henry VIII of England to readmit Angus to the council.
  9. In 1971, the school made the decision to readmit girls to the school.
  10. Those worries lessened Tuesday when Iraq offered to readmit U . N . weapons inspectors.

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