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• इज़राइल ज़ैंग्विल
israel:    इजराइल इज़राइल
zangwill:    ज़ैंग्विल
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  1. It was based on the play and novel by Israel Zangwill.
  2. _Israel Zangwill, " The Melting Pot"
  3. He fared best with Israel Zangwill, and Max Nordau.
  4. Israel Zangwill bitterly opposed Herzl, but after Istanbul Goldsmid agreed to support Herzl.
  5. Scholem Asch and Israel Zangwill, and the artist Maurycy Gottlieb, are notable examples.
  6. Israel Zangwill left the main Zionist movement over this decision and founded the Jewish Territorialist Organization ( ITO ).
  7. The film is based on the play " The Moment of Death ", by Israel Zangwill.
  8. The articles on Israel Zangwill, Anthony Cooper and Edward Said were also substantially altered to fit this articles thesis.
  9. Freiman continued in his optimism at the Nineteenth Zionist Convention in January 1924, and targeted Israel Zangwill for his pessimism.
  10. Israel Zangwill later described a " schnorrer " as a beggar who would chide a donor for not giving enough.
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