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इज़राइल वासी
इज़राइल संबंधी
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  1. It's Arabs versus Israelis, labor versus management,
    अरब बनाम इस्राइली, मज़दूर बनाम प्रबंधन,
  2. As Israelis go to the polls, not one of the leading parties offers the option of winning the war against the Palestinian Arabs. It's a striking and dangerous lacuna.
    विजय से बचता इजरायल
  3. Before this whitewashing of Hamas proceeds, it bears noting that the organization has not just murdered over four hundred Israelis but also prepared itself for war with America.
    हमास बनाम अमेरिका
  4. of Palestinians and Israelis
    फिलिस्तीनी और इजराइली - दोनों लोगों की -
  5. and see who are the real Palestinians and who are the real Israelis.
    ताकि हम देख सकें कि कौन असली फिलिस्तीनी हैं और कौन असली इजराइली.
  6. For one piece of proof, note this reversal a few weeks ago: Yasser Arafat announced his belated acceptance of a generous Israeli offer that he had spurned two years earlier. This time, however, the Israelis responded with disdain.
    इजरायल विजयी हो रहा है
  7. Deploying Syrian forces . Lebanese and Israelis both reject a Syrian occupation of south Lebanon.
    सीरियाई सेना की तैनाती - लेबनान और इजरायल दोनों ही दक्षिणी लेबनान पर सीरिया के कब्जे को अस्वीकार करते हैं.
  8. Hamas and Islamic Jihad engage in violence against Israelis?
    इजरायल के विरूद्ध किसी भी प्रकार के आतंकवाद को त्यागना अर्थहीन हो ? हमास और इस्लामिक जिहाद इजरायलवासियों के विरूद्ध हिंसा में लिप्त हों ?
  9. For an outside observer who hopes for Arab acceptance of Israel sooner rather than later, this avoidance of the one winning strategy prompts a certain frustration, one that's the more profound on recalling how brilliantly the Israelis early on understood their war goals.
    इजरायल के दक्षिणपंथी मानते हैं कि जार्डन ही फिलीस्तीन है
  10. A suicide bombing in Hadera , Israel, on October 26 that killed five people inspired the usual Palestinian joy: some 3,000 people took to the streets in celebration, chanting Allahu Akbar , calling for more suicide attacks against Israelis, and congratulating the “martyr's” family on the success of the attack.
    जब फिलीस्तीनियों ने चखी अपनी ही दवा की खुराक
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