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  1. Because the origins of the Israelites and Edomites are so shrouded,
  2. A few, like Max Israelite, voluntarily surrender their licenses.
  3. Shots rang out, and the Israelites charged the machine guns.
  4. The Bible says Hazor fell to invading Israelites led by Joshua.
  5. The Israelites had pig-iron swords that shattered on impact.
  6. At that era, the Israelite tribes were not yet sedentary.
  7. After which the Israelites are made to wander for 40 years.
  8. They chose the symbol of Moses leading the Israelites to freedom.
  9. Greek, Roman and Israelite writers refer to Phoenician child sacrifice.
  10. The Israelites under Moses have come from the wilderness of Sin.
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