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  1. The dispute was not just over the Zangwill and Weizmann quotes.
  2. It was based on the play and novel by Israel Zangwill.
  3. _Israel Zangwill, " The Melting Pot"
  4. Zangwill praised Roth for his  poetry and pugnacity . 
  5. He fared best with Israel Zangwill, and Max Nordau.
  6. Zangwill received his early schooling in Plymouth and Bristol.
  7. Zangwill's simulation of Yiddish sentence structure in English aroused great interest.
  8. Another useful program is the Decision Command software created by Dr . Willard Zangwill.
  9. Israel Zangwill bitterly opposed Herzl, but after Istanbul Goldsmid agreed to support Herzl.
  10. Zangwill himself attributed the phrase to Lord Shaftesbury.
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