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  1. In Pristina, the Serbian aim appears to have been depopulation.
  2. Modern economic historians have supported Comber's comments about depopulation.
  3. The area was subjected to depopulation after the reservoirs were built.
  4. As a result, the village was not subject to depopulation.
  5. Novallas did not recovered from this depopulation until the 18th century.
  6. This decline accelerated the process of migration and the resulting depopulation.
  7. After World War II, the village went through gradual depopulation.
  8. The M�tis had a role in the depopulation of the bison.
  9. This has relieved a little bit the important problem of depopulation.
  10. The black plague of 1348 further contributed to depopulation and neglect.
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