deportations meaning in Hindi

deportations sentence in Hindi
• देश निकाला
• देश से निकालना
• देश-निकाला
• देशनिकाला
• निर्वासन
• विवासन
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  1. Those children fear deportation because they are still without green cards.
  2. There is no reason to fear large scale or immediate deportations.
  3. Undocumented immigrants will be held in federal detention while awaiting deportation.
  4. Saleh was not freed Tuesday because he now faces deportation proceedings.
  5. The German government has since said it will streamline deportation procedures.
  6. The INS said they all were illegal immigrants subject to deportation.
  7. Congress is drafting legislation that would allow immigrants to appeal deportation.
  8. In July alone, deportations and exclusions were up 17 percent.
  9. Barbie commanded his officers to transport the captives to deportation centers.
  10. If Pitcherskaia loses her appeal, she faces deportation to Russia.
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