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  1. But the only gun Dial can carry pops out tranquilizer darts.
  2. Dart controls Crown Books, Trak Auto and Shoppers Food Warehouse.
  3. "Dart to the Heart " is predominantly acoustic.
  4. As the video ends, the boy darts from the room.
  5. Many days, Hill serves as a dart board for critics.
  6. Can you imagine Tori Spelling behind the wheel of a Dart?
  7. Speed gasps, " P-p-poison darts!
  8. He probably has a Carl Lewis Dart Board in his office.
  9. Some want to shoot the deer with contraceptive-laced darts.
  10. TV ads when he ran Dart's Crown Books unit.
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  1. a game in which small pointed missiles are thrown at a dartboard

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