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  1. Forecasts last week, however, may be blurring that outlook.
  2. The structural daring and radical blurring of tonality come through vividly.
  3. These shows are blurring the line between science fiction and science.
  4. Certainly, we're seeing some blurring of the lines.
  5. In part, the blurring of lines is a practical matter.
  6. The left eye was still blurring out on me on occasion.
  7. The blurring allows them to encode the films with the unutterable.
  8. The distinctions between marriage and cohabitation are blurring, he adds.
  9. This blurring of ideologies leaves skinhead opponents unsure of their target.
  10. Fluctuating blurring is common, due to tearing and mucoid discharge.
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