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  1. With time, the blurriness improved and now everything is clear.
  2. Also, any reduction in the general blurriness would be great.
  3. The blurriness is a shame, because Rosenfeld has a legitimate argument.
  4. The person may present with strange disturbances to their vision, including blurriness.
  5. Outline fonts scale easily without jagged edges or blurriness.
  6. The podiatrist reported fleeting periods of blurriness for several months following the incident.
  7. :: : Blurriness on an LCD monitor is more difficult to explain.
  8. Through the blurriness of drink, Bukowski saw the world with a clear eye.
  9. He has no blurriness or double vision and was cleared by doctors to play.
  10. A characteristic of ikat textiles is an apparent " blurriness " to the design.
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