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  1. It also makes it the blurriest, jittery-est movie experience since " The Blair Witch Project ."
  2. "This is the blurriest picture we've ever taken of anything, and this is the one that makes the front page of the newspapers,"
  3. IGN's Perry complained about " the blurriest textures we've seen in years and some serious graphical glitches " and " extremely low mouse sensitivity " inhibiting gameplay.
  4. Both curators place heavy emphasis on Wyeth's loosest, blurriest watercolors, which are often criticized for being awkward or unfinished, likening them to Abstract Expressionism, to little avail.
  5. "' Norman M Klein "'is a Los-Angeles based urban and media historian whose fictional works " interweave fiction with social criticism, reportage and confessional memoire & fiction of a loose and absurdist sort, separated from fact by the blurriest of boundaries . " In 2011, the Los Angeles Times put Klein's 1997 book " The History of Forgetting : Los Angeles and the Erasure of Memory " on its " Best L . A . Books " list.

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