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  1. A post office called Wickliffe has been in operation since 1843.
  2. Governor Wickliffe blamed a loosely managed Board of Currency in Louisiana.
  3. Wickliffe married his second wife, Anna Davis Anderson in 1870.
  4. His family home, Wickliffe, was on Eastern Neck Island.
  5. Burns was found guilty of murder of Michael Quinlivan near Wickliffe.
  6. Wickliffe, Ohio-based Lubrizol said the dire warnings are overblown.
  7. Wickliffe received a strong education in public school and through private tutors.
  8. In his early life, Wickliffe was known to Bullitt County court.
  9. Neither was Wickliffe loyal to the Jacksonian platform, however.
  10. Wickliffe lost to anti-lottery Democrats led by Murphy James Foster.
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