whanging meaning in Hindi

whanging sentence in Hindi
• प्रहार
• मार
• मारना
• धावा बोलना
• ज़ोर से मारना
• ज़ोर से धकेलना
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  1. A rasping noise, a metallic whanging din, a pululating wheeze, an intermittent nonrythmic banging?
  2. Except that Rubin kept hounding her, whanging returns, coming to the net, making Williams scramble and hurry.
  3. Metal fragments sliced through the tail section, striking the stewardess who was strapped into a rear jump seat, and then apparently whanging into the opposite engine.
  4. More rounds falling, each one a sigh and a hot fireball-concussion, and another sigh and guys sucking in their stomachs and pressing harder into the ground and concussion and concussion and red-hot shrapnel rattling and scuttling and whanging off rocks, then guys yelling hoarsely, a sniper up there somewhere, the bullets snapping and squeaking, sergeants yelling to keep up the fire!

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