whanged meaning in Hindi

whanged sentence in Hindi
• प्रहार
• मार
• मारना
• धावा बोलना
• ज़ोर से मारना
• ज़ोर से धकेलना
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  1. But Chang whanged his seventh of 11 aces.
  2. Equaling Goran Ivanisevic's 1997 tournament record, he whanged 46 aces beyond the expert reach of No . 1 Andre Agassi in the fourth round, and has 164 through six matches.
  3. She lost the first point upon returning ( two points from dropping the set, 30-all ), but won a nine-stroke rally, whanged a service winner, and seized the last two games and the championship.
  4. Howard lifted his tattooed arm, whanged a chord on his green electric guitar and growled into the microphone : " I got the homesick fever and the Joe Kegans Jail Blues . " His not-so-saintly listeners, who know the concrete-walled downtown lockup better than Howard ever will, roared in recognition.

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