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  1. Aarushi was freed & the Vatsals thanked Vibha for her help.
  2. But Vibha takes the twin girl with her and blackmails everyone.
  3. Vibha believes that people should  Remember the value of sincerity.
  4. Vijay Vasanth and Vibha Natarajan play the lead roles in the film.
  5. Vibha was appointed as their house helper so that she gets employed.
  6. Everyone got shocked when Vihaan told them that Vibha is his wife.
  7. As time passes by, Vibha started to feel specially affected towards Vihaan.
  8. Vibha rani is a noted playwright of two Indian languages-Hindi and Mainthili.
  9. At this Aarushi hopes he gets remembered everything & expelled Vibha from the house.
  10. When Vibha and Vihaan are about to get married Aarushi gives antidote to Vihaan.
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