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  1. Perhaps Bill Clinton is not such an untraditional Democrat after all.
  2. You have to try to do untraditional things like empty sets.
  3. "Oh, she's a very untraditional person.
  4. Other artists used similarly untraditional materials to evoke more serious subjects.
  5. Others, notably Nick Price, see it as untraditional golf.
  6. But their untraditional musical mix hasn't been universally accepted.
  7. He is a little untraditional in the way he looks at things.
  8. Yet, not only AIDS victims are being described with untraditional verve.
  9. She cites her own family as an example of an untraditional one.
  10. Although it might be considered a bit " untraditional,"
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  1. not conforming to or in accord with tradition; "nontraditional designs"; "nontraditional practices"

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