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न पता लगाए जाने योग्य
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  1. Once in Bombay, the potential plague-carriers are untraceable.
  2. On his return, Walus asked him for an untraceable weapon.
  3. The end of taxation, because electronic payments will be untraceable.
  4. Timir kills Dhruv-and dumps his dead body somewhere untraceable.
  5. Calling it'untraceable'is pretty much the worst part!
  6. Many of these donations are anonymous, hidden or otherwise untraceable.
  7. Lots of these people will have left Wikipedia and be untraceable.
  8. And once the funds have passed on through, they become untraceable.
  9. Still others have fallen into oblivion, untraceable and unremembered.
  10. I was issued a fake ID with an untraceable address,
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  1. incapable of being traced or tracked down; "an untraceable source"

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